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Unipom - Maison Debarge

There exists a good working commercial and strategic cooperation with the 3 French companies, Maison Debarge Negoce, Maison Debarge Plants and Unipom. Those companies grow and commercialise about 3.000 ha of potato production and Maison Debarge Plants offers the service of multiplication in the principal zones in France  Therefore these have formed the basis for our professional potato production and sales.


Seed Companies

SESUR is testing and developing existing and new varieties on our own trial fields. Hereby we offer the breeders and seed houses the opportunity to analyse and confirm the applicability of their varieties to the Mediterranean production zone. Additionally SESUR offers them a commercial platform to present their new varieties.

In recent years we have tested varieties from following Seed houses:

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Agrana Starch - BioAgenasol®...

... an organic fertilizer from fermented vegetable biomass, supplemented with special blackstrap molasses
... not only a fertilizer, but also an activator for soil organisms
... a fertilizer with the following effects:

  • fast acting and long-lasting
  • provides green, rich color

... provides lawns with a uniform, dense or full growth and eliminates entanglement

... promotes humus formation and thus soil health
... safe from burning if over-fertilizised
... acknowledged as a bio-fertilizer

BioAgenasol® is particularly suitable for all kinds of vegetables, for lawns, balcony flowers as well as all kinds of ornamental plants and ornamental shrubs. The special blend not only provides a good supply of nutrients and stimulation for soil microorganisms, but also mobilizes phosphorus and potassium, which are not always easily available to the plants.